Nettles among us

We’ve hidden some nettles in this picture

Winter is on the way out here on the wet side of the mountains!

In the local woods, young nettles have began to make their appearance…

…and tonight they are appearing in my lentil soup!

Right now is the prime season for this nutritious, versatile wild green. The season doesn’t last forever so get em’ while you can!

…and a few here

Handle with care!

Plan accordingly if you want to bring some nettles home from your next woodland walk.

They don’t call them “stinging” for nothin’!

With a few plastic bags and a pair of work gloves you oughta do fine!

A pair of scissors might be a good idea too, unless you tend to run with them.


The internet has an abundance of nettle information; harvesting, history, recipes you name it!

If you’d rather hang around here some more, why don’t ya read what I had to say about em’ a while back: Stinging Nettles

Good luck and Happy Trails!

…and finally this one.

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