Al Lake 4750′

I don’t know who Al was, but he’s got a lake named after him high up in the Necklace Valley.


Challenge: “fishermen’s trail” yds-2

Distance: (from Necklace Cabin) <1mi

An established fisherman’s trail can be found near the Necklace Cabin heading off in the general direction of Al Lake.

Al from the air!


A peninsula at the north end of this little lake offers an established camping site that can hold a few tents. 
This is also one of the best overall vistas to think of influential Als in your life.

Like Captain Lou Albano or Al Bundy.


I can’t definitively say that this lake is without fish, but if there were some, they were awfully quiet. 

Instead of fishing you could try scrambling pt.5243 which juts out above Al’s north eastern shore. Some hippie with dreadlocks told me there are a handful of rusting relics up top. No joke!


A self issued backcountry permit is required for travel in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

You’ll need a NW Forest Pass to park at the Necklace Valley trailhead.

For more info visit:


USGS Big Snow Mountain

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