Coplay Lake 3889′

The only thing missing is you

Cosplay Lake is a great place for consenting adults in playful costumes to meet and… Ahem! Coplay Lake is, uh…

This is a high lake you can drive to!


At the time of this writing this is a drive rather than a hike so, fasten your seatbelt and skip to the MOTORIN’ section near the bottom for directions!

From Coplay Lake you could continue on the road to East Lake or ramble to nearby destinations like the Clipper Mine


Coldplay has an actual Forest Service pit toilet and at least one picnic table…er, Coplay!

There is ample room for parking, and a few more secluded camping spots a little ways off the road. 

More camping opportunities


Since anyone with a beat up 1980s Subaru or better can reach Coplay, it gets fishing pressure. 

I’ve heard that both Brookies and Cutts are swimming around this pond.

However, I suppose since it’s accessible by road, there could be anything lurking in these depths.


Bullet casings and beer cans outnumber the fish by a considerable margin and Confederate flag flying monster trucks have blown mud trails across creeks and through stands of trees. 

These are motorized lands.

To me, visiting here is a reminder of what could be of our wild lands if we waver in protecting them. 

…but just because everybody else is going all Mad Max up here doesn’t mean you gotta follow suit. Bring a trash bag and fight the good fight!

Ghost forest probably not garbage related.


No need to hike unless the road has washed out, or is a few feet under the snow, but even under the best of conditions this is a rough road for a dainty vehicle. 

The last chance for gas is in Wilkeson. I ain’t trying to tell you how to do your job, but I like to keep a bit of comfort gas in the tank when I’m out there. 

After passing Carbonado you’ll cross the narrow Fairfax Bridge. Not far past that the road will split: Bear Left. 

A few roads will break off of this road, but continue onward down the main drag. You’ll eventually pass a small Ranger Station before a long but low bridge will appear over the Carbon River to your left. Cross it. 

Now you are on Cayada Creek Road, continue up ’bout 3 miles or so, avoiding any side roads and you oughta come to a signed intersection. 

<– Summit Lake  Coplay Lake –>

From here you could hit it with a well thrown rock. 


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