East Lake 3880′

The wild western front

A short bumpy trip from Coplay Lake is tiny East Lake… or a tribute to the Battle of the Somme!


I haven’t done much ramblin’ around here, but looking at a map there are a couple points of interest. 

Just make sure you’re not ramblin’ down range! 

The German positions are thought to be south east of the lake


There is room enough to park a couple vehicles, but since the area doubles as a turn around, you might not wanna to pitch a tent in the right of way. 

Clank some bullet casings together ’round the campfire for a rootin’ tootin’ good time! 

While you’re there, do your part and pack out a bag full of UXO and empty Keystone tall boys! 


I honestly don’t know what (if anything) is swimming around in here, but you might wanna limit your consumption, unless you like lead. 

France, 1917


Follow the directions to Coldplay, er Coplay Lake.

From there just continue south on the bumpy Forest Service road. Don’t take any dubious side roads and you oughta find East Lake in little time.

But beware of zee Germans!


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