Tenneriffe Falls (Trip Report)

North Bend, King County, WA-

I took a little hike up to Tenneriffe Falls on this clear, cold January day. Ice and shallow snow cover the grade from about the parking lot onward. 

Getting to the waterfall didn’t require me to don any extra traction but doing so certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea. If you wanna get any further, like up to the top, you’ll certainly be needing something more than just boots on your feet.


For the moment Teneriffe Falls has congealed into a big, blobby, block of ice, so it’s a great time to come visit and soak in some winter wonder. 

A steady supply of ice cubes causally rained down as I stood there watching. Every now and then, something larger would break loose, setting off a shower of ice balls of all sizes. 

Standing directly below the waterfall is probably not a good idea. 


I ran into a young fella who said he had spent the night near Teneriffe summit, then hiked over to the Talus Loop to catch the sunrise. Above and beyond man!

A gal who traveled past  the waterfall and onto the ridge reported that she ran into thigh deep postholing.

Anyway, guess that’s neither here nor there…


From I-90, take exit 32 (436th Avenue SE). Turn left (north) over the freeway and drive 0.5 miles to SE North Bend Way. Turn left (west), and in 0.25 mile turn right (north) on SE Mt Si Road. In approximately 3.5 miles (past the Little Si and Mt Si trailheads), you will reach a small parking area on the left (directly across from 480th Ave). A Discover Pass is required to park here. -wta.org

I screwed around for a total of 7 miles


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