Hamilton Cemetery

You’ll find tiny Hamilton, WA along the North Cascades Highway between Sedro-Wooley and Concerte. A few blocks from the highway some find eternal rest. 


In the year 1877, while Washington was still a territory, a certain William Hamilton settled in this area.

Some years later in 1891 the town was incorporated under his name.

Judging by the many Hamiltons interred here, one can speculate that his descendents long dwelt along these banks of the Skagit. (…and perhaps still do!)


The grounds are currently managed by the Hamilton Cemetery Association, and are well groomed and maintained. 


Situated in the Skagit River Valley, Hamilton Cemetery is rich in vast views. 

While the cemetery lacks any tombs or sizable monuments there are plenty of old and interesting graves to visit. 

In the north east section of the graveyard a newer veteran’s memorial has been built and has a couple concrete benches on which to sit and reflect.


Take the Highway 20 to Hamilton, WA. Keep an eye out for Cabin Creek Rd. 

Turn north there and it’ll take you right to the cemetery. 

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