Endicott Cemetery

Endicott, WA is a ways off the main road, but is worth a stop if you’re a taking a motor tour of the Palouse.


Many years ago in 1882, the town of Endicott was carved into the rich earth of the Palouse and was named for William Endicott Jr. of the Oregon Improvement Company. 

The next year ground was broken for the graveyard, which at that point was being called Mountain View Cemetery. That same year of 1883 is also the earliest year of a recorded interment at the graveyard. 

A couple decades after that, during the February of 1905, Endicott, WA was officially incorporated. 


These grounds are currently under the management of the Whitman Cemetery District #4 and are well kept. 

Endicott Cemetery is situated on a hill and has a great view of the surrounding area. One can look upon the town of Endicott, as well as far across the Palouse to points beyond. 

The cemetery has headstones predating statehood as well as some interesting monuments. Perhaps you saw the obelisk on the way in! 


Starting from Colfax, WA puts about a 20 mile drive between you and Endicott. 

FROM COLFAX: Head west out of town on the state route 26, bearing right onto Endicott Road at the Palouse Empire Fairgrounds a couple miles west of town. 

Follow the road northwest through the tiny communities of Mockonema, Diamond and finally Thera before arriving in Endicott. 

The cemetery can be found on the north side of town. Gravel lanes within the graveyard provide vehicular access. 

An island of eternal rest amongst oceans of wheat


References: Ewanida Rail Records, http://www.mrail.net/data/cemete/wash/whitman/endicott/index.htm

Endicott, Whitman County, Washington, USA

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