Zig Zag Fuel Truck

“I was able to take this picture before the truck caught my scent and fled back into the forest

Took the short, reasonably steep hike up to see the old truck on top of Zig Zag mountain.

The trail is in decent shape, though a pair of loppers and a hand saw could be put to some good use in sections.

Snow began at about 3300′ and soon become continuous to the truck. The snow was easily navigated without spikes or snowshoes however. It was snowing intermittently at 4000′.

Mountain Goats were out doing their thing!  One goat was seen grazing on the slopes of Middle Mountain Mountain (MMM Ridge) and a group of four was encountered at the hairpin corner at around 3300′ on Zig Zag. 

No other hikers were encountered on this trip.

Passing under the old Milwaukee Road


  • Trail is snow free to about 3300′
  • Goats were encountered.
  • A pair of loppers and a hand saw could be useful to clear overgrowth and blow down. 
  • Zig Zag is part of a large collection of homebrew trails and old logging roads. Lots of room to wander! 
  • 3mi to truck, 2800′ gain
Squint your eyes and use your imagination. Voila! Goats!

    Happy Trails!

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