Pothole Lake (Trip Report)

Ashford,WA- Took a brief jaunt up to Pothole Lake to have a look around. 

Followed a snow covered FS road to about 3500′ before cutting more directly westward toward the lake. 

The outfall streams of Granite and Pothole lakes were crossed over downed logs, or simply jumped over. 

Pothole Lake was circumnavigated easy enough. On the west end, Bertha May Creek was spanned by firm, but rapidly decaying snow.


  • Road was blocked by snow at 3200′
  • Lake was mostly snow covered. 
  • No snowshoes or microspikes, but poles were handy. 


    No one else was at the lake, but a number of curious motorists came up to visit the snow line.

    A rusted clip of .40ACP was found along the road near the snow line. 


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