“The Hobbit Hole”

Perhaps you’ve made the short jaunt to Explorer Falls and noticed the small cave near it’s base. 

Is it a cave? Is it a mine? Is it a portal to another dimension?!

Whatever it is, and for whatever reason it came to be, I don’t know. Though I’d guess it’s an old mineral prospect.


The hole itself is very short, probably not much more than five feet, and is no more than a couple feet tall near the back. 

Venturing inside on my last visit I discovered a candy wrapper and a buckshot sabot…. so yeah, it’s that kind of hole. 

It is said that at one time there was a ladder up to the tiny adit, but the ladder has since gone MIA. In it’s place are some crude footholds carved into the perennially wet rock. Watch your step! 

In this hiker’s opinion, you could save yourself the slippery scramble to see the dark, musty interior of a five foot deep grotto… unless you just can’t. Obviously I can relate! 

But really, it looks much better from the outside…


Take the Snohomish-Wenatchee exit off I-5 onto Highway 2 in Everett. At milepost 10 turn left onto 100th St SE (Westwick Road). Just past the French Creek Grange, the road bears sharply to the left (north) and becomes 171st Ave. Continue on 171st Ave SE to a 4-way stop; turn right onto Dubuque Road (36th SE) go east on Dubuque Road for approximately 6 miles; turn left onto S Lake Roesiger Road; bear right at the Y to continue on S Lake Roesinger. Drive 2.3 miles take a right onto Monroe Camp Road. Drive 1.3 miles and then bear left at the Camp Edward (formerly Camp Brinkley) sign and follow the road to end. Do not go up the logging road on the left, stay on the pavement. There is a yellow gate blocking you from going any further and an area to park on the left-wta.org

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