Fat tire bike Diaries #3


Rode the stretch from the Carbon River entrance of Mt.Rainier to Ipsut Ranger Station.

Got some comments on the Alloy Mule from a few people along the way.

“My, what big tires you have!”

At the Ipsut end of the road, a sort of rough looking fella rolled up on a BMX, smoking a cigarette. We briefly talked about hikes that start from that point. “So you planning on stashing your bike and hiking up further?”

Glad my plan was just riding back to the parking lot. Kinda got a vibe, ya know?

MILE 45.6

Lately I’ve been riding in the woods east of Maple Valley, WA. Lotsa old roads to explore, but lotsa private property too.

MILE 73.272

I took the Alloymule most of the way up McDonald Mountain until the March snow turned me back at the 3000′ level.

Difficult to pedal in the deeper snow (>1′), but possible! Probably could have let some air out of the tires to see if that helped. Next time!

Mostly pushed the bike up the mountain, but coming down made up for it, what a hoot! Though I’m thinking it’d be even more of a hoot with a suspension system.

MILE 81 1/2

Even with well inflated tires, those sloping curbs can still catch the casual suburban rider by surprise now and again, as I am occasionally reminded during rides around the neighborhood.

MILE 89.111

Took another ride down Japanese Gulch with J bird on a slightly damp day.

The front wheel REALLY sprays up a lot of mud when it’s wet out, I need some kind of mud guards.

We coasted all the way down to the shores of the Sound, and since the tide was out, rode along the beach for a bit before heading back up the gulch.

On the way back up the gulch we did a little exploring and found a clandestine track in the woods…

Someone built a bridge spanning a couple ramps using a burnt out cedar log as the deck. I slowed down as I rolled over, admiring the use of local materials…

…then I lost my balance and crushed “the boys” on the top bar, before falling a few feet down below into a medley of sticks and sword ferns.

Several minutes of controlled breathing were needed to recover from the devastating testicular blow. Yowza.

MILE 98.89898

I was gonna go for a ride, but discovered The Alloy Mule sitting on its front rim. Musta been all the broken beer bottles under the rail bridge at Japanese Gulch.

Instead I gotta change a flucking flat!

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