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Harry Biped descending the Mt.Pugh
Harry Biped descending the Mt.Pugh


Harry Biped grew up hiking, hunting, fishing… well, doing all kinds of outdoorsy stuff here in the Great State of Washington (pronounced w-AR-shington), Alaska and sometimes Oregon.

Along the way he’s met a handful of other interesting hiking bipeds (some quadrapeds as well) to travel with and is always meeting more…


Jack “The Bulge” surveying the land

Jack “THE BULGE” Thomas

“The Bulge” is an international man of mystery and polyglot, sometimes speaking in Spanish, other times with an Austrailian accent, but only while in Westport, WA.

This long legged, rangy Biped can ascend even the most brutal trails with the greatest of ease, only occasionally stopping to drink from pure mountain streams like a wild beast.

“The Closer” ascending McClellan’s Butte


It’s said that the Closer was created in a laboratory by military scientists attempting to genetically splice a man and a mountain goat to create the ultimate mountain soldier.

However a sympathetic scientist smuggled him out of the lab at grave personal risk when The Closer was just an infant and placed him with a human family to try and live a normal life.

Whatever the real story, the Closer is clearly more goat than man, scrambling rock faces without even the slightest bit of hesitation.

“The Greek” at the summit!


The Greek is a direct descendant of Zeus himself. In fact it’s said that the Greek retains the amazing ability to transform into a Bull and… well I don’t know if I wanna know.

We’re pretty sure he is able to transform into other animals as well, but only when no one is looking, however he denies these claims. (but we all know the truth)

When he is not hiking with the “mortals”, the Greek dwells on Mt.Olympus with the other Greek Gods.

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