Sasquatch Files: Clallam County, AUG 2009

TIME: Late August 2009, approx 2pm (1400)

LOCATION: Clallam County, WA; just east of Port Angeles; DNR logging road off of Blue Mountain Rd


 “K” was out walking her two dogs on a DNR logging road when she heard loud scream coming from the woods just south of her. She described the sound as deep, and two toned. “K” said she wasn’t exactly frightened by the scream, but simply recognized it was a warning to get out of there. Her two dogs did not seem to register or react to the sound and followed her as she immediately turned around and headed back to her vehicle which was parked about 900ft away on Blue Mountain Rd.


13APR2021: I visited the site of the encounter with “K”, it was the first time she’d been back to the site in 13 years. Despite the time gone by, she said that the scream she heard was so unforgettable, it felt like yesterday. We walked about two miles around dirt roads through 2nd and 3rd growth forest and overgrown clearcuts looking and listening for signs as we discussed the encounter and hiked along. However, no anomalous sign or sound was experienced during the brief site visit. An array of bootprints, hoof prints and ATV tracks suggest that the area is somewhat frequented by people.