Fungus Debriefing #2


Happened upon a handful of Lion’s Mane mushrooms while hiking around the Mountain Loop…

As I passed each one, I thought “I’ll grab it on the way down, save them some trail beating”.

On the way back down, all but a pair had been cut!

*welp… you snooze you lose I guess!

I’d seen a couple patches of little chantrelle buds in a few places, but missed them in darkness that had fallen upon our return trip.

Before the dusk started to settle in, I spied a King Bolete that looked ok, but upon closer inspection was pretty wormy.


Roamed around the flanks of Bessemer Mountain for most of the day in a fruitless search…

Only one tiny chantrelle was discovered amongst a forest full of little orange wannabes.

Some few odd specimens of boletes and dead wood loving polypores were collected for further examination.

We followed a trail up from the CCC road that turned out to be a backwoods downhill bike track.

It was clear a lot of work was put into the course’s construction, but it’s current state suggests that the zenith of it’s use may have passed.

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