Cottonwood Lake 3900′

This is the first stop many people make while hiking to Mirror Lake, but it’s a nice little haunt it’s own right.


  • Grade: maintained trail 
  • Distance: <1mi
  • Elevation gain: 300′ + –

The walk to Cottonwood Lake isn’t arduous, long, or very difficult, which makes this a nice destination for people just wanting an easy ramble.


Just below the trail along the south side of the lake there are a few established sites. 

Being that this is a simple lake to attain, it is heavily traveled. If there is a backcountry toilet on site, I didn’t see it, and judging by the “leavings” neither did a lot of other people… Yuck!


I haven’t fished this lake personally, but I did observe a bit of action on the water.

While the ease of access makes Cottonwood Lake an over loved location, it also makes it a realistic destination to pack in a raft. Hell, a couple of strapping young hikers could even pack in a canoe…

But watch out for brown trout lurking in the bushes.


These are the lands of the US Forest Service and a valid Northwest Forest Pass is required for parking.


USGS Lost Lake

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