Build your own #10 Stove

Familiar with DIY rocket stoves? Sometime ago I wrote a semi coherent rant I called “The Hobo and the Rocket” in which we dove into some tin can stove history and design.

Give it a read to get a little background, or read on… 


I’m not going to tell you that I’m the first guy to have this idea but it just hit me the other day…

So, I was holding a #10 can… You know, the giant cans that are usually filled with something wonderfully obscure and industrial… like butterscotch pudding! 

Anyway, my mind always wanders to Rocket Stoves around #10 cans, so I says to myself:

“Look jackass, if you turn it upside down, pop a hole in the lid and on the side there, that’s all you need!”

…and I was right! (but like I said I’m not EVEN trying to own it)

So. Ya. That’s pretty much it. Pop a couple holes in that son of a gun. 

One of two tools you will need


  • Gloves, PPE etc.
  • Adequately strong tin snips
  • Can opener
  • #10 Can or Coffee can


    1. Open the can using the can opener. (Optional step: Binge eat contents)
    2. Remove lid. On the other lid, use the can opener to cut 1/4 to 1/2 way around.
    3. Bend the lid into the can at 45-90°ish angle. This hole is the chimney.
    4. Use tin snips to cut out an opening to preferred size (3″-4″ish square) opposite the chimney on the open end.  (This will be the fuel/air intake and your delightful fireside view)
    5. Get a fire roaring and burn out the toxic can lining before cooking with the #10 Stove. 
    Turn the dial to “11”


    Shoot, I wish there was more to write, but I think this is it… 

    The #10 Stove is simple to build, cheap, and it gets the water boiling fast with just a few handfuls of kindling. Try using a handy dandy firestarter to really get it going! 

    Construction is much less complex than an insulated rocket stove and the results are just as good, at least on the #10 can size scale. 

    No extra parts means extra ease if you decide to drag one of these babies out to a favorite secret camp spot or wherever. 

    Give it a try and you’ll probably agree!

    Simplicity is a good thing! 


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